Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I'm so excited to watch the VS fashion show this year.. And also so excited to see Miranda Kerr's treasure bra! This year the theme for the fashion show is going to be Club Pink with a lot of neon, glitter and under disco balls! Can't wait to see all those gorgeous women wearing the most amazing and wanted underwear! Nov. 29th only at CBS.

Tenho que confessar que não vejo a hora de assistir o desfile da Victoria Secret esse ano, e também não vejo a hora de ver a Miranda Kerr usando o treasure bra.. Esse ano o show vai ser inspirado pela Club PINK  com bastante glitter, cores neon e globo de discoteca. Estou super ansiosa para ver todas aquelas mulheres maravilhosa desfilando com as lingeries mais desejadas em todo o mundo.


  1. teeeheee I have to admit I used to ABSOLUTELY LOVE watching the VS shows each year. Not so much for the fashion (ahem lingerie) but because the girls really do pull off one of the most cheerfull shows I always see! They all look like they're having a whole bunch of fun which is soooooo nice to see =)

    Eeli xx

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  3. i loved that VS show :)
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  5. I watch every year! Love it. We just got two Victoria secret stores in the last year here in Edmonton. Its so nice being able to buy such great bras here in canada.

    great post!

  6. One of the best! Great post and I am following you! Have a lovely weekend. <3<3

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  8. Love vs

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  9. The show always looks happy, I love looking at it :)

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  11. aww, victoria's secrets angel???
    love them very much! so envy with a shape body like them...hehe

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  13. Can't wait to see those ladies strut their stuff this year! From what I've seen so far, the costuming is out of control.



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