Wednesday, April 10, 2013

DIY Ombre Hair w/ and w/o Loreal Feria Wild Ombre Kit

Hey Girls!!!
Okay so it's officially been soooooo long since I uploaded a video!!
I've been really busy with school, and generally in my life that it's been near to impossible for me to work on my account.
I decided I need to keep up and start micromanaging my work and activities because it's really stressing me out a little and it's truly unfair to you all!
So about two weeks ago or more...I decided to do an ombre hair style, but not go so blonde due to my skin color and dark hair. Plus my nerves wouldn't let me go so extreme lol.
So with that I experimented with hair dyes, a salon and my own techniques to figure out what worked best for me.
In the end, it came out really nice, and I truly think the hair color brightens my skin tone.
But like any hair dye it really damaged my hair but I'm managing with this new change.
So what do you guys think?
Have you ever had a Hair Salon horror story!? Do Tell!!!

By Suze Escobar

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