Saturday, September 8, 2012

Alicia Keys at the VMAs

Hello Girls, 
Today I here to talk about Alicia Keys performance at the VMAs singing Girl on Fire. I got to say that Alicia Keys nailed it at the Video Music Awards last Thursday on MTV. Besides her outfit being absolutely gorgeous, the song was one of the best performances that night. Nicki Minaj sang the song with Alicia Keys, and Gabby Douglas also made an appearance as the acrobat for the song. It was breath taking and I recommend for anyone who is interested to watch it.  Here is the link if anyone is interested. Enjoy  

By Isa Malago


  1. She always blows it away!

    xo Jennifer

  2. I missed the VMAs this time.

  3. Grrrrr I missed the VMAs. Must have been an exciting show. Alicia Keys looks fantastic.
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  4. she always looks amazing! adore what she wore!

  5. I haven't seen it but I will def check it out now, I love Alicia Keys and she looks hot!!


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