Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Outfit of the Day; St. Augustine Day

Hi girls, 
I am here to finally start sharing some newer outfits I have worn. So I love fall/winter because of that colors and layered looks that comes with the season, but this time around I decided to mix things up a little bit more and wear a bright pink wool jacket from Gap with my purple Louis Vuitton scarf for an expected yet colorful color blocking. You guys know that pink is my favorite color (just check my last posts through out the blog), therefore when I saw this jacket it was a must have, also because I do not own any winter jacket that is as bright as this one. This fall/winter season was the perfect time for me to be a little bit more risky with my fall wardrobe and I can thank Pinterest for inspiring to do so because there I saw many pictures of fashionistas wearing bright colors during the winter season. 

Anyways, I was visiting my best friend' sister up in Jacksonville, and on saturday we took a field trip to St. Augustine to explore the town a little bit. The weather was very cold and windy, which caused a massive headache and ear-ache causing us to spend little time exploring.  For this very cold day I paired my white Skinny Jeans from Hollister with a white long sleeve from Gap under my pink jacket and chunky scarf. On the accessories I went with my Prada bicolor bag, big Marc Jacobs sunnies and pink velvet Cole Haan flats. What you guys think?

By Isa Malago

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  1. Isaaa barbara, como sempreeeee ;) Amei toda a combinacao <3 Os sapatinhos sao de onde?? Love you <3 Ivs


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