Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Beauty Advice

Hello beautiful people, 
Today I came to give you some good advice I just learned it myself. Im obsessed with make up and most of the eye shadows, eye liners, foundations, etc that I own are MAC. I have kind of an obsession with MAC and I can probably assure you I own more than half of the store. Then I came to realization that I should stop obsessing with the brand and start trying new make up brands. Well since I ran out of my foundation, Im on a roll to find a different brand to try on this time. I got many many samples from MAC (again) all the way up to Chanel and Dior, and noticed that just because of the name it doesn't mean is the best for me. I came across NARS and fell in love with their foundation. Chanel left me a little pale, and Dior made me too pink so then I tried Nars and it gave me the tan face I was expecting to get. I heard about the brand before but never really cared for it but since I have tried the foundation, I just fell in love. 

This one is Stromboli- Medium 3.. It is absolutely gorgeous and it didn't leave my skin too oily.  
Here are some other things that caught my eye.
Semi Matte Lipstick- Funny Face

Duo Cream Eyeshadows- Burn it Blue

American Dream Artist Palettes

Blush and Bronze trio

Blush- Bronze Due- Sin/Casino

Thakoon for NARS nail polish- Amchoor 

By Isa Malago


  1. I am swooning over that pink lip shade and the yellow polish, such a gorgeous colour! Love this brand!

  2. NARS is also a great brand. I've always been happy with their stuff. Glad you wandered away from MAC this time.
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  3. cute cosmetics!! ; ))


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