Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fashion Advice; Piece of My Mind

Hello my lovies, 
We all know how crop tops and showing you belly has been getting bigger and bigger so here is a piece of my mind in this fashionable trend- this is my opinion. I adore when girls show their stomach, and when I mean the stomach is not the whole entire belly! I like when girls were crop tops along with high waisted shorts, pants or skirt, therefore the only thing you can see it from above your belly button to below your bust area. I think when your belly button shows it is an automatic a NO!NO! to me because it makes you look trashy, vulgar and far, wayyy far from sexy. When you are showing only a section of your stomach it makes you elegant, stylish and sexy all at the same time, and it will also make guys want to see more! if you just completely show your whole body every time you go out in public you will not only get judged and seen in a bad way by most people but it will not give men any curiosity to see whats under the clothes because you already letting it all hang.Here are some pictures you can get inspired by. I understand that some people may thing they are too short to wear it like this but trust me I'm short to and I love it on my body. Wearing a crop top with a high waisted skirt/pants/shorts will also make you look like you have a slimmer waist and look more curvy.  Enjoy! :)

By Isa Malago

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