Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Video of the Day; Orange Smokey Shadow

Hey Girl!!!
It's been soooooo long since I uploaded a video!!
I've been sooo busy with school, it's really stressing me out a little :|
But to be honest it's really worth it, just look how amazing Isadora looks with the corset!!
I also hope that you guys had a great New Years and are starting off your New Years resolutions on the right path.
I know I'm really trying to loose some weight and so far so good! So ladies keep up the work!
I'm also exited to let you all know that I got engaged!! wohoo which is motivating me to drop down the weight.
Anyway! I wanted to bring you this tutorial because I really think it's a great look for the winter....plus who doesn't like a smokey eye right??
I also took into account that I have several friends struggling with eyeliner, so I decide to do a video where I just use eyeliner on my waterline.
I think it's a basic way to do a look and honestly I do not think using eyeliner on your waterline is that difficult.
I also mentioned on my video if you all might be interested in doing a series of "Back to Basics" where I demonstrate my favorite foundation, how to choose them and stuff along those lines.
So PLEASE let me know if you think that would be a good idea.
Hope you enjoy the video!!!!! and Let me know what you think!

By Suze Escobar

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