Sunday, December 9, 2012

Favorite Beauty Products

Hi Guys, 
Today I'm going to show you some of the products I love using for my face, body, and hair. These are my favorites so it does not mean that it is yours too. Here it is. Ps* Sorry for not posting every day but it is my final week at school so I've been very busy with my final projects and tests. :) Promise I will make it up once I'm done. 

I use this after I do my hair. It makes my hair very shiny and soft. I  adore this product and it works very well for my hair. 
This one I use every time after shower when I brush my hair after washed. It works very very nicely and you can also use it before you blow dry or straighten your hair. 

This product is amazing and they are animal cruelty-free! YAY.. I use this at night time after I shower, or wash my face.. I have been trying very very hard to go animal cruelty free and also go vegetarian -which is being kinda hard since I love leather shoes and bags- but every time I do get to buy a product I love and help a cause I feel very good about myself. BTW I just found out that NARS is also against animal testing so I'm very happy because I love the products, but I was very sad to know that MAC still does animal testing. 

This one I used to have ut, but just ran out of it. I put it on my face right when I wake up. 
This is a cleanser that I absolutely love. I wash my face with it every day to clean it and take all the make up and dirt off my face. It makes me feel very fresh, so I totally recommend it. 

This is my every day body lotion. I use it every day after I shower, or when I wake up. It helps my skin to be smooth since I have dry skin. 
I used to use this but I ran out of it and never bought it again. I absolutely love it and also recommend it. It's smells very good, it's all natural and helps my dry skin a lot. It is a little price so if you don't wanna spend much money with a body lotion just stick with Cetaphil because both are very very good. 

Well I hope you guys like it. :)

By Isa Malago

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